What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that we, and in certain circumstances third parties, place on your browser when you visit our website or open some of our emails.  Cookies, amongst other things, allow CDNX to recognise you each time you re-visit our website. There are in existence a variety of different cookies which are designed for use in specific sets of circumstances.

How do we and third parties use cookies?

You should be aware that information on you may be collected through the use of cookies when you use the CDNX website and/or select third party sites. It is essential that we use some cookies in order to know the level of usage of the site and may be required to provide you with the services you have requested from us. Some cookies, however, whilst useful, are not essential, and when using the CDNX website you agree to the use of these non-essential cookies unless you specifically set your browser to reject them. Please see ‘How to manage or refuse cookies’ below for further details.

When you initially enter our site we may place an anonymous cookie on your browser to enable us to recognise you the next time you visit the website. We may also place a further cookie on your browser when you register for one of our services, this will enable us to remember you next time you come to sign in, eliminating the need for you to re-enter your login details and customising your future uses of our site.

Cookies may also be used to track your use of CDNX to better develop our site, for example, determining which parts of the website is more popular and determining content accordingly.

We may also place cookies on your browser to provide you with behavioural advertising and monitor the advertising on our site.

Small pieces of code called pixel tags, web beacons or GIF files, may be used in conjunction with cookies to help us manage and monitor our online advertising and wider business arrangements with third parties. These files will allow us to aggregate anonymous information relating to advertising and or website usage. The type of information collected includes, but is not limited to, information relating to advertising responses, page views, promotion views and purchases made. Such pixel tags may be used to recognise third party cookies (cookies generated by third parties) and inform us and/or third parties of which advertisement or link brought you to our website, allowing us to monitor the efficacy of our business relationships with third parties.

How to manage or refuse cookies

If you do not want your browser to accept cookies and use them in the ways described above it is possible to change your browser settings. It is also possible to delete existing cookies from your browser. However blocking all cookies may affect your web experience and may result in some parts of the CDNX website not to function properly. Some cookies are designed to help save you time, for example, by remembering your contact details (if requested). The procedure for modifying your privacy preferences is different for each internet browser and we recommend you visit the following websites for further information on altering your cookie settings:

For more detailed information on how to clear or disable all of your browser cookies, please go to

Use of different cookies

We may use different cookies at various different stages of your use of our website.

Tracking and Customisation Cookies

These are used to recognise repeat visitors to CDNX website and potentially customise the visitor experience, as described above. They may also be used in conjunction with other information we or our third party partners hold to attempt to record specific browsing information (for example, regarding the way visitors arrive at CDNX website, pages viewed, options selected, information entered and the path taken through CDNX website).

Session Cookie

These are used (when applicable) to maintain your session when you sign in allowing you to access CDNX without the need to sign in on every page you visit. The session cookie is used to tailor advertising to you on CDNX website and selected third party websites. If you opt out of tailored advertising, we stop using this cookie for this purpose.

Advertising Cookies

In addition, CDNX may work with third parties for the purpose of delivering targeted behavioural advertising. Through the use of cookies, anonymous information about your use of our website and other websites will be used to provide more relevant adverts about goods and services of interest to you. Opting out of behavioural advertising does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising when you are using CDNX website. It simply means the advertising you see will not be customised for you.

Cookies placed independently by third parties

Adverts you see on CDNX may have been placed by third parties. These third parties may choose to generate their own cookies for the purposes of collecting anonymous information relating to the viewing of their advertising. The information collected cannot be used to personally identify someone.